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Peter Croker is an
authorized Henry-Griffitts
golf club fitter.

Croker Golf System

CROKER GOLF SYSTEM will lead you step by step to build your understanding and technical competence in this most wonderful game in life.

By far and away the simplest and most efficient way to build CONTROL, POWER, & CONSISTENCY in your golf swing and game is by thoroughly understanding the "PUSH" concept from START to FINISH in the golf swing.

Peter Croker's life purpose is to share this wonderful technology with both amateurs and teaching professionals alike and to help lower the handicaps of golfers worldwide. (Something that has not been happening on average over the past 30 plus years.)

The Student Becomes the Teacher

With the CROKER GOLF SYSTEM you not only learn correct technique, but most importantly you LEARN HOW TO PRACTISE CORRECTLY. Ultimately you will learn to be INDEPENDENT AND NOT DEPENDENT OF GOLF INSTRUCTION.

The CROKER GOLF SYSTEM benefits are:

* IS "Back Safe and body friendly" and when done correctly is good therapy for the body.

* It develops a full array of shots to build a complete golf game.

* Gives you more POWER with less effort.

* Everybody can learn this on a "step by step" basis and gain great benefits from the very    beginning of applying "Croker Golf System" Principles.

The CROKER GOLF SYSTEM builds a completely orthodox, repeatable golf swing, based on the classic compact swing of Ben Hogan- many believe to be the best swing model the world has ever known. By identifying the REAL CAUSE of correct actions the student understands what is needed to be successful and can progress through a GRADUATED PROCEDURE that ensures a lasting change for the better.

There are 9 MAJOR ALIGNMENTS and their correct sequence of assembly allows any golfer to improve dramatically. When these alignments are known and applied to the golf swing, the need for timing is lessened and a more consistent and powerful golf swing results. Less back and body strain results and many more people are able to play golf with less body strains and pains. (Teachers included). The goal of the CROKER GOLF SYSTEM is to provide a set program to help grass roots teaching professionals be more efficient in promoting their business and ensuring their students improve.

Learn the Correct Swing Gradually

The Croker Golf System's core concept is that the full golf swing is built on the mastery of 3 essential components - putting, chipping and pitching.

The swing is lengthened through a clearly defined Graduated Process.

After mastering a precise short putting motion you proceed to a medium length chipping motion, then a longer pitching motion until the certainty of the correct full swinging motion is built. The detail of these motions and a series of fundamental alignments is the essence of success and may be surprisingly different to what you are currently trying to do.

a) Putting builds the foundation of the correct use of the hands in the swing.

b) Chipping builds the #1 Alignment of the clubshaft to the left arm through impact and follow through in the swing, and also the body connection to the hands in the swing.

c)Pitching builds the backswing and start down on the correct path to the ball plus correct follow through. Also the coordination of the body pivot to hand and arm action throughout the swing leading to the full swing development.

d) The Full Swing finally evolves from the building blocks learned in putting, chipping and pitching.

The natural tendency for anyone wanting to play golf is to start learning the full swing straight away. Unfortunately these natural tendencies usually cause incorrect motions that are often hard to overcome. When the desired results are not forthcoming, frustration sets in and so begins an endless search for fixes, tips and remedies without any real improvement. An incorrect pattern has already been established that is hard to break.

Like learning a musical instrument, foreign language or any challenging task, the golf swing is more easily learnt as a graduated process. While some gifted individuals can pick up almost any musical instrument and play it, so too can a lucky few 'fall out of bed' and hit a golf ball well. But they are few and far between. For most of us learning the golf swing properly requires precise practice and only comes from identifying the REAL CAUSE of correct actions and alignments, and probably is nothing like what is being attempted by most people.

The Path to Mastery of the full swing can often be frustrating but it is nevertheless an extremely rewarding journey. Always remember though that it is a journey and not a place of instant arrival. When the journey does near its end with a confident solid full swing, the golfer who has mastered the disciplines along the way will not only have the full swing, but a complete golf game to go with it.

You'll get there much sooner using the Croker Golf System.